6. The La Tur

Sort of tasteless, but good with honey. 

One would think that combining the cream from cow, goat, and sheep would surely result in the most flavorful cheese of all! While that isn’t so, the La Tur is fatty and well, like all other fatty things (such as, off the top of my head, cheetohs, cheetoh puffs, instant ramen, pork belly in a bun, pork belly in a vietnamese sandwich, pork belly in my bell, bacon, eggs cooked in bacon grease) satisfying and yummy in my tummy.  

All in all, I enjoyed my La Tur experience. 

And I think my roommate did too! (Credits to NYC for beautiful Central Park in the background).

With a light drizzle of honey, the fatty concoction was good to go. 

Whether I like brie with honey or la tur with honey better is TBD never. While both go well with honey, it would probably have to come down to a calorie count, which should never be allowed to happen. 

P.S. I had cheese fries again. This time from one & only Shake Shack. YUMMMzzz

4. The Montgomery’s Cheddar & 5. The Ewephoria

Last weekend, I paid a visit to the friendly neighborhood Murray’s Cheese!


In addition to being very excited for all of these cheeses I had to try, I am also completely broke. 

The first cheese I tried was Montgomery’s Cheddar. I had it alone, as suggested by House of Cheese


Although House of Cheese goes above and beyond for Montgomery’s Cheddar, naming it “one of the best Cheddars in the world” and “the best cheeses in existence” (i.e., the Original M.G”), I beg to differ. Cheddar is usually my go-to-cheese, but I just wasn’t feeling the Montgomery. 

Happily moving on…

For my fifth cheese, I tried the Ewephoria,

pronounced like Euphoria…


And to no one’s surprise, loved it! 


It was paired perfectly with my Blue Moon (sweet because of an added orange wedge), the “Bacon Peanut Brittle” I couldn’t help but purchase at Murray’s, and dried apricots. All three additions (especially the beer!!) were a deliciously and wholly necessary. House of Cheese recommends to “play off the butterscotchy notes here with a dish of toasted almonds, hazelnuts, popcorn, or pretzels.” True dat sista. 

The cheese plate ft. thinly sliced Ewephoria, paired with dried Turkish apricots and Bacon Peanut Brittles (Maple-Roasted Peanuts with natural cured Smokey Bacon), and thinly sliced Montgomery’s Cheddar. 

Ewephoria: 1. Montgomery’s Cheddar: 0. 

Gourmet Smorzhmay

I love cheese no matter what. So that means CHEEZ WIZ and all!! Cheez Wiz might not be on the list of 170 cheeses, but what can I say…I go above and beyond! 

The battle of Geno’s Steaks VS Pat’s King of Steaks

These places are right across the street from each other and both refer to themselves as the originator of the Philly cheesesteak. Only tastebuds will tell. 





And the winner goes to……… 

Pat’s!! The steak was nice and hot when you bit into it and the bread was much softer. And the obvious reason, there was more wiz! You can barely see any cheese on Geno’s. 

And just for you, 


Some more orange goodness souped over hot fries.

Gourmet Smorzhmay. I love my fancy cheeses, but I’ll never turn my back on good ol’ cheese fries. 

3. The Wilde Weide Gouda & 4. The Scharfe Maxx

Dreams came true this weekend.

This Saturday, I made it out to THE AMAZING DI BRUNO BROS. ITALIAN MARKET IN PHILADELPHIA (145 review, 4.5 stars on Yelp, and not overrated), with the help of that handsome chap in my profile picture. I told the employees about my project, and the next thing I knew, the cheese…connoiseur(?) was feeding me cheese after cheese, pairing after pairing. Witnesses can confirm that I was absolutely insane with happiness. I settled on taking two blocks of cheese (both of raw cow’s milk) home that day, a pairing of candied cashews (for the Wilde Weide Gouda), cerignola medley olives (for my tummy), and almond torrone (for the Scharfe Maxx). 

I won’t bore you with more words. Take a look for yourself. 

#3. The Wilde Weide Gouda


A quarter pound of wilde weide gouda, aged 18 months, I believe. The quarter pounders are sad, but are all I can afford eat! According to House of Cheese, a “whiskey quality” develops after 15 months. I’m not a whisky drinker, but please try this cheese and let me know if it’s really true! 


Sweet “Black Lava” cashews and thinly sliced wilde weide. 

The candied cashews and the wilde weide made for a simple, yet delicious pairing. The smoky tasting gouda and the nutty taste in the cashews complimented each other well, resulting in mini taste explosions in your mouth. The wilde weide was good, but the nuts were better. I caught myself just eating up the tasty cashews alone.

Next time, I’d probably go with a less sweet nut, and add some dried apricots. 

Now…for the craziest cheese recipe I’ve ever tried (except for yesterday when I that one time in elementary school when I poured cheez-its in a bowl of milk and had cheez-it cereal)

#4. The Scharfe Maxx S’mores

Brace yourself….


Two small bars of dark chocolate (you don’t need expensive chocolate from whole foods to make this tasty recipe). 


3 ounces of soft almond torrone (most accurately described in House of Cheese as “high-class marshmallow studded with almonds”). 


S’more it up. I made them bite sized, so they weren’t too hard to eat. The pairing is odd, but good. The almond torrone is a little overpowering, but since it was so soft, fresh and perfectly nutty, I really didn’t mind. 


The complete platter with the wilde weide on the left, candied cashews, olive medley, and scharfe maxx s’mores. 

Thescharfe maxx is in the same family as the emmentaler and the similarity in taste is undeniable. The employee at Di Bruno Bros. suggested I try the moister scharfe maxx after I told him that the emmentaler was a little dry. His words rang true!


Ty’s a fan too! Love this place and can’t wait to go back. 

2. The Burrata

Mouth-watering…creamy…leaving-you-wanting-more-kinda-of-deliciousness can best be experienced with a taste of burrata. It’s possible that burrata is the sole reason why cheese is the only thing I live for I love cheese. 

The simple, yet extraordinarily delicious recipe I followed is on page 28 of House of Cheese. I left out the basil because I didn’t want the cheese flavor to be overpowered. Or to taste like pho. 

[Please forgive my Anthropology sale-rack plates]


Sizzling olive oil and garlic poured over fresh cherry tomatoes, that have been mixed with balsamic vinegar, salted and peppered, with toasted whole wheat slices of an Italian baguette with olive oil and burrata, sprinkled with tiny slices of fresh spinach.


I drizzled the remaining olive oil on the burrata because it made it look and taste that much more delicious. 


The burrata was so creamy (resemblant of cream cheese, but much fresher, and not as fatty tasting) that I smeared it on the toast and was able to fit the cherry tomatoes right on there. 

If you want your life to improve drastically, I recommend that you following these steps: 


Heat olive oil and add minced garlic until sizzling. 


Pour the sizzling oil/garlic on to cherry tomatoes that have been mixed with balsamic vinegar. Add a little sea salt and pepper. 



Take the burrata out of the fridge and handle carefully. These things are delicate!! 


Slice the burrata in half on a cutting board, then plate with cherry tomatoes. 


I don’t care if you’re lactose. Some things are just worth it, and burrata is one of those things.**

**DISCLAIMER: Any and all encouragement to try cheese is provided as a kind gesture to human kind only, and is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent the passing of gas. See full terms of use here

1. The Emmentaler

Picking out my first cheese to taste and pair wasn’t difficult. I love swiss and was immediately drawn in by the line in House of Cheese by Tenaya Darlington (the book this blog is based on, see “About” to the right)—“When you buy ‘Swiss cheese’ at the deli counter, you’re essentially purchasing faux Emmentaler…”

24 years of tasting FAKE SWISS???!?? YOU’VE. GOT. TO BE KIDDING ME. [insert red faced emoticon]. I had to try this real swiss cheese. And it had to be my first. 

A quarter pound of emmentaler on its own. Waiting to be cut and indulged (slowly, that is). 

Darlington suggests serving this as table cheese with ham, pickles, crudites (those bite size raw veggies you see on veggie and dip plates), and fresh fruit. I chose to pair the emmentaler with cold miniature dill pickles, pitted kalamata olives, fresh Italian salami, and crackers

The dill pickles are a MUST!!! The crunchy minis refresh the palette and allow you to enjoy each nibble of this “original swiss.”

The salami and emmentaler are delicious together. Eating them together creates a warm, cozy, truffle-like taste in your mouth. The kind of taste you just don’t want to let go of. 

The olives… I just love olives, and due to my own biases, the little purple treats will be in most of my pairings. 

The emmentaler does not disappoint. Swiss is one of my favorite types of cheese, and the emmentaler does not even compare to Boar’s Head at the supermarket. It’s bolder, drier, and lacks that oily taste that sometimes swiss cheese can have. I’ll definitely be buying this for the next ham, sourdough sandwich I bring to work. 

Next up…creamy Burrata…stay tuned.